Competitions Order Of Play
PTWBA Championship Programme
All games will be arranged by Competition Secretary,the programme is as below. Please note games may change or other games fitted around games, depending on the result of each game. and the finals will be arranged by the Competition Secretary as soon as possible. Any person involved in Championships who wish to leave the venue, it would be appreciated to inform Competition Secretary. Note times are for trial ends
Thursday 8th August
Over 55's Final @ 10:30am
M. McIlmoyle J. Wilson
N. Graham S. Shaw
N. Marshall P. Curry
D. Baird B. O'Neill
(Limavady) (Portstewart)
Singles Final 3.00pm approx.
B. O Neill B. Logue
(Portstewart) (Ballymoney)
Wednesday 7th August
Over 55's Semi Finals @ 9:30am
A. Smith M. McIlmoyle
C. Paul N. Graham
B. Logue N. Marshall
M. Johnston D. Baird
(Ballymoney) (Limavady)
J. Wilson S. Martin
S. Shaw K. Mark
P. Curry L. Dallas
B. O'Neill V. Witherow
(Portstewart) (Limavady)
Fours Final - 11.30am
H. Hutchinson S.J. Curran
M. Greer J. Dowds
S. Wilson B. Cameron
R. Patterson D. McCloy
(Magherafelt) (Ballymena)
Pairs Final - 2.00pm
T. Elder E. McLernon
S. O'Neill A. McClelland
(Limavady ) (Dunluce)
Triples Final 2.00pm
A. Smith C. Murray
M. Paul P. Curry
M. Morrow B. O'Neill
(Ballymoney) (Portstewart)
Tuesday 6th August
Triples Semi-Finals 9:30am
A. Smith G. Henry
M. Paul D. McCloy
M. Morrow B. Cameron
(Ballymoney) (Ballymena)
C. Murray S. Martin
P. Curry L. Dallas
B. O'Neill V. Witherow
(Portstewart) (Limavdy)
Singles Semi Finals 2.00pm approx.
B. O Neill P. Curry
(Portstewart) (Portstewart)
M. Morrow B. Logue
(Ballymoney) (Ballymoney)
Pairs Semi Finals - 4-30pm / 5.30pm
E. McLernon P. Curry
A. McClelland B. O'Neill
(Dunluce) (Porstewart)
B. Logue T. Elder
M. Johnston S. O'Neill
(Ballymoney) (Limavady )
Fours Semi Finals - 5.00pm / 5.30pm
A. Smith S.J. Curran
R. Shackell J. Dowds
N. Shiels B. Cameron
C. Paul D. McCloy
(Ballymoney) (Ballymena)
S. McIntyre H. Hutchinson
S. Martin M. Greer
L. Dallas S. Wilson
V. Witherow R. Patterson
(Limavady) (Magherafelt)